In 1890, at no. 3 Carrer del Sol, in Artà, the Moyà family set up Licors Moyà to make its faultless and inimitable liqueurs such as Ambrosia de Bellpuig, its Gol liqueur, the Moyà 'herbes' and the Moyà 'palo', etc. Even at this time the products were distributed throughout the island and also in part of the mainland.

The company is now run by the family's third and fourth generations. With two master craftsman in charge of production, thousands of litres of its prestigious spirits are produced each year, distributed mostly throughout the island of Mallorca and also in the EU, specifically Germany, where the family's 'Mescladís de Matances' is highly appreciated by the local people.

Apart from producing its own liqueurs, Magatzems Moyà is also a wholesaler and importer of prestigious wines from regions all over the world, as well as cavas and champagnes and all kinds of national and foreign liqueurs. There is a large exhibition of products at the Vinoteca Moyà, located at the production facilities, as well as a highly qualified team to advise you.


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