Majorcan Herbs

Majorcan herbs are defined as anised-flavoured spirit drink obtained basically by the maceration and or distillation of the extraction of flaveurs of different planths of the island: rosemary, camomile, herba luïsa, lemon tree, orange tree, etc.

Mescladís de matances

It is a spirits drink obtained with the mixture of two anisetter as the "Palo" (before explained) and the Dry Anisette

Palo de Mallorca

It is a spirit drink obtained by the maceration and infusion of bark y keno, roots of gentian, camamile, stratcher of lemon, herba lluïsa, cinnamon, caramel, nou moscada, etc, and alcohol.


The "Pimpinella anisum" is the plant that anise is obtained. It comes from the eastern parts of Europe, India and parts of Asia. It was used in ancient Babylon about 2000 years before Christ. Also in Greece, Rome and Egypt as a culinary supplement and superstitions, as the saying which was used to ward off evil spirits.